Fixing democracy is important work, but that doesn’t mean it always has to sooooo serious and earnest. Sometimes, you need to have a little fun. And to remember that humor has always been a key tool for questioning the status quo.

Political Pictionary is all about fun and creativity.

On this PDF, you’ll find a set of sheets with map outlines on them. Each sheet has the outline of one of the wackier-looking Pennsylvania congressional districts, from the old map approved in 2011 to the one the state Supreme Court tossed out in January 2018. 

Print the sheets out.

Then let your imagination loose.  Draw a picture that incorporates a district’s shape. The picture can be of anything—a zoo animal, a mythical beast, a person, a machine etc. Give your picture a caption, to let us know what you had in mind.

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We’ve shared here a few outstanding examples that impromptu artists have done at DTL events, with districts resembling everything from a dead squirrel to Marge Simpson. You’ll see that the sense of fun is the key thing; you don’t have to be able to draw like Rembrandt. Just let your inner Kindergartener roam free.

Once you have a drawing you like, share it on social media, and tag us @drawthelinespa.

If you want to have some friends over to join you in wielding the colored pencils at a Political Pictionary party (or want to enlist the artistic services of some actual Kindergarteners), hey, we’re not stopping you.