County boundaries and Census statistics aren’t the only raw data that can go into drawing a map of Pennsylvania.

If you’ve lived in our wonderful, maddening state for any length of time, you also carry around in your head a personal map of Pennsylvania, made up of experiences, memories, observations, like, dislikes and, yes, maybe even a few stereotypes and biases.

Draw the Lines PA is here to say: That’s great. Now, let it all out, put it all down on paper.

We invite you to draw a map of Your Own Personal Pennsylvania. Show how us the vast and varied expanse of the Commonwealth looks from wherever it is you sit.

This example above was done at our Bar Games for Democracy event in Ardmore this summer. It got quite a bit of love; those colored dots people voting for it as "best in show."

In doing your map, don’t worry about being polite. Don’t worry if your drawing ability falls somewhat short of Michelangelo’s. It’s all good, and in good fun.

For several months, participants at DTL events have been doing these maps.  Look to the bottom of the page for one more (Pittsburgh-leaning) example.

Download this blank map (pdf) of the Keystone State. Get out your Crayolas (made in Easton, ya’ know) or your colored pens or your water colors and make your own personal Pennsylvania come to life in all its blazing, rainbow glory.

Then scan it or snap of a photo, and share the image with us.

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