• The Mapper's Tale: BJ Ellis of Shillington

    Chris Satullo | November 26th, 2018

    A mapper from Berks County talks about how hard he found it to do the map he wanted without splitting county lines.

    Image Credit: Kevin Patrick Robbins
  • ICYMI: SCOTUS back in the gerrymandering headlines

    Don Henry | November 16th, 2018

    In Maryland an inter-party brawl is developing over the appeal, while racial concerns are at the center of the Virginia case.

  • What the mid-terms meant for reform in PA

    Chris Satullo | November 15th, 2018

    An analysis of how the mid-term election results in Pennsylvania affect the quest to slay the gerrymander.

  • DTL barnstorming tour hits all corners of PA

    Chris Satullo | November 13th, 2018

    An incredible registration.
  • How to host a DTL mapping party

    Chris Satullo | November 7th, 2018

    Here's how to make fixing democracy fun. Draw the Lines offers its guide to hosting a raucous mapping party at your home.

    The Put PA Back Together Challenge engrosses a participant at our State of Young Philly event. | Image Credit: Linda Breitstein
  • Let's shake on it, OK?

    Don Henry | October 31st, 2018

    Every productive relationship needs some ground rules.

    Photo: Stock photo of handshake.