You've completed your Draw the Lines map. Here's how to submit it to the competition to be eligible for some prizes and to make your voice heard.

Evaluate page… feel free to skip that.

After you map, you can run different reports in the “Evaluate” page. This is feature for people who really like to dig into the details.  

Step 1 - Validating your map

When you are satisfied with your map, click “Submit” on the very top menu bar. Click Validate to check to be sure that your map meets both of the equal population and contiguity requirements for every district.

If your map is valid, then you’ll be able to submit your map to the competition, which will give you immediate feedback on how your map stacks up to other maps that have entered in the “Leaderboards” section.

Step 2 - Submitting to the competition

To enter the competition, you have to do three final steps.

  • Make sure your personal details are completed (contact info, age group, location).
  • Select up to three values that you used to draw your map. Remember the Flashes of Insight exercise you did before you started mapping? Here is where you mark which ones you showed in your map. Judges will score your map based on how well you executed those values.
  • Write or upload your personal statement. This can be in essay form, or, if you’re feeling really creative, complete a video or do an audio recording. Tell us what values you prioritized, how you demonstrated those in your map, and who you talked to around PA to help you understand new and diverse viewpoints about how others want to be represented.

Step 3 - Leave feedback

Now that you’ve submitted your map, we want to hear about how you think other people might want to get involved. Remember, this is ultimately a project to engage as many Pennsylvanians as possible in drawing election maps, as a demonstration that the voters are the ones who should have the power to do this in 2021.

On our website you can let us know what ideas you have or contacts we should make.