Anticipated outcomes

It is impossible to predict if citizen mappers will lead to a state constitutional amendment creating an independent redistricting commission, compels the legislature to take the Congressional map away from politicians, or encourages the current commission to adopt a fairer, more transparent process in 2021. However, we strongly believe DTL will lead to:

  1. A better process and better maps in 2021 than the maps passed in 2011. DTL has a set of metrics to determine this, including equitable population; number of county and municipality splits; district compactness; representative fairness; and fidelity to the Voting Rights Act.
  2. Pennsylvanians shaping the political system in a way that will redefine their sense of political efficacy, from Millennials up to Boomers. DTL could reinvigorate a sense of civic engagement and public purpose in communities across Pennsylvania.
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